80DB Concept


80DB ORIGINAL™ is a French brand dedicated to a unique product : the intelligent jacket.

This new concept has been given birth in February 2014 by an innovative French company,100% family owned and established since 2000.

The idea was to develop a unique, mixed, colorful, innovative and qualitative product, with a strong identity.

Graphists, designers, sound engineers and stylists have worked together to develop the brand and this «hybrid» jacket, at the crossroad of a winbreaker and a down jacket.

For winter season, 80DB ORIGINAL™ is primarily a quality jacket addressing the toughest winter assaults: waterproof, insulation and comfort are the foundation of the concept.

It’s also a real musical experience, available in over 15 colors.

Oustide, 80DB ORIGINAL™ is sober, monochrome; inside the polyester lining is printed with «pop art» theme, illustrating the key elements of the concept.

The 80DB™ is delivered with stereo earphones, zipped, enabling any smartphone or MP3 players to be connected to listen your favorite music or even make a call with its handsfree function.

And many more suprises.....

80DB ORIGINAL™ : the adventure is just beginning.... stay connected !



100% opaque Nylon + White P.U Coating which ensure insulation, solidity and soft handfeeling.
Wind, Rain & Snow insulated shell.
Available in over 15 colors.


100% Polyester «pop art» printed lining, illustrating the key elements of the concept.


STOPTOCOLD®, built with synthetic fill fibers and based on a high polyester insulation with a soft & down-like feel. It provides an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, even when wet fibers. Also very thermally efficient, light weight, water-resistant (rain, snow etc...), fast dry and machine washable.


Oversized zipper + 80DB™ debossed Leather pull.


«French touch» blue/white/red stoppers string.


Embossed/debossed leather sleeve badge with soft foam.


Anti Tangle Zipped Stereo Earphone 3.5 mm Handsfree included : listen to your favourites tracks or make a call.
This -good quality- earphone can be connected into all kind of smartphones, MP3 players. It is removable to facilitate jacket cleaning.
Supplied with 3 ears connectors sizes : S, M, L.

Intelligent inside phone pocket

Inside zipped phone pocket : keep your smartphone safe and dry.
This pocket is linked with outside pocket using a common hole, enabling to use your phone inside or outside.

80DB™ Pack

Each 80DB™ is packed into a personnalized box, designed as a labtop box.

Check out the two ranges

After the success of the "White Edition" range, more sporty, more colorful, 80DB ORIGINAL ™ launches from the season AH2018 a new line called "Black Edition", more sober, more minimalist, more premium and 100% connected.

White edition /

Black edition /